Adonai Tsuri  Event Venue
4500 Old Union Town Rd Van Buren, Arkansas 72956
(479) 414-6817

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Latest reviews for Adonai Tsuri Event Venue 5/5.0 stars (2 reviews)

Brian in Rogers, AR *****
Working with the Pooles was a delight and love the property venue.
Jessica in Wichita Falls, AR *****
Planning a wedding from out of state was stressful but when it came to the venue it was stress free! We were able to start decorating 2 days before and no worries on hurrying to do clean up either. The venue offered a variety of ways to set up too! There is a full kitchen handy, grooms quarters and beautiful bride quarters for us to all get ready for the big day in. This place is magical with a breath taking view. Thank you again Pat and John, God Bless!!

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